NDF Automatic Downforce (ADF)

Benefits of NDF Automatic Downforce

NDF Automatic Downforce (ADF) is NDF’s recently released patented downforce for coulter on the SA650 and SA650-E row unit. Our ADF is fully pneumatic with no electrics making for great reliability.
If the operator experiences difficulty with the ADF system or the ADF is not operating correctly there is a manual override setting to allow continued operation of the equipment until a time when diagnostics can be performed.

Without ADF we manually set downforce, adjusting for the hardest soil in the paddock to get the disc to dig to depth. In turn when the machine gets to the softer parts of paddock this becomes excessive downforce and causes;

1. Overly compacted sidewall (in seed trench)
2. Sidewall soil to be more difficult to close over seed
3. Seed to struggle from the compacted soil.

From experience too much downforce has a big effect on fuel burn/hp/wear and tear, so on that count NDF-ADF will pay for itself over time in fuel savings alone, bearing in mind the improved seed bed the ADF we offer is really a no-brainer!

In summary the main reasons to purchase NDF-ADF is because it’s the best way to achieve correct downforce on the disc, for the best seed placement without introducing unnecessary compaction in the sidewall, and it saves fuel.
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