NDF Hydraulic Air Compressor

NDF built air compressor

How it works

Hydraulic oil use is about 15 litres/minute and is generally running continuously while the NDF planter is in operation.

An Unloader valve controls the 'cut in' (approx. 100PSI) and 'cut out' (approx. 140PSI) pressure on the air pumping side of things. The air tank itself also has a pressure relief valve to ensure the tank does not exceed it's max capacity.


Simple & reliable

The NDF hydraulic drive Air Compressor is a compact, efficient unit that mounts on the frame of the Disc Planter, supplying all the air you will need for the operation of the air bags on the Gauge wheel and Press closer and also the Automatic Downforce system and other pneumatic optional components


The NDF Air Compressor has been standard on our machines since 2010. All NDF builds rely on a combination of Pneumatics and hydraulics. With no complex electronics to let you down mid sowing. If there ever is a problem with air supply lines, it can generally be fixed by the operator minimising downtime.

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