Immediate benefits, with long term flexibility!
The SA650-E is adjustable to work in various soils Australia wide and is customisable to cater for a wide range of needs. Whether that be dry sowing canola 15mm deep or moisture seeking cereals or legumes 160mm deep!

For ultimate crop safety you may prefer to separate the seed and fertilizer placement, this can be achieved using our unique NDF Double chute system. If moisture seeking, the required amount of soil can be left over the seed, this is done by using the NDF Tooth Wheel to rake excess soil off the seed row.

Offering the ultimate in flexibility the NDF Tooth Wheel can also be used to achieve a level surface whilst leaving some fine insulating tilth over the row. The SA650-E and its range of options will have your sowing needs covered both now and into the future!

Heavy Duty Depth Adjuster - NEW for 2021
This Patented design allows the unit to handle rocky country better reducing the risk of damage to the depth adjustment mechansim as it positively locks off the Gauge Wheel arm.

High Clearance Seed Boot - NEW for 2021
Providing extra ground clearance under the Coulter Hub allowing deeper planting in stubble conditions.

Optional Automatic Downforce - New for 2021
NDF Auto Down Force (ADF) is NDF’s new patented downforce for SA650 and SA650-E row unit. Our ADF is fully pneumatic with no electrics making for reliability and ease of diagnostics if the occasion arises. Without NDF-ADF we manually set downforce and are adjusting for the hardest soil in the paddock, to get the disc to dig to depth in those areas, therefore in the softer parts of paddock this becomes excessive downforce read more...

Excessive downforce has a big effect on fuel burn/hp/wear and tear, so on that count NDF-ADF will pay for itself over time in fuel savings alone. Purchasing the NDF-ADF is the best way to achieve correct downforce on the disc, for the best seed placement without introducing unnecessary compaction in the sidewall, and it saves fuel.
      OPENER WEIGHT - 185kg (plus options)
      SOWING DEPTH - 15mm to 135mm (deeper to 160mm optional)
      DEPTH ADJUSTMENT - 6mm increments
      DISC SIZE - 570mm worn out is 500mm
      DISC THICKNESS - 8mm
      GAUGE WHEEL SIZE - 550mm
      GREASING INTERVAL - Not applicable (no grease nipples)
      COULTER HUB - NDF oil bath hub with duo cone seal
    OTHER HUBS - NDF modified/improved SKF unitised hub
NDF Tooth Wheel
    NDF Tooth Wheel - Standard
NDF Rubber Press Wheel
    Rubber Press Wheel - Optional
NDF Diffuser
    NDF Single Diffuser as standard - Optional Doubles/Triples/Quads
NDF Double Chute Kit
    NDF Double Chute Fertilizing - Optional
NDF vacuum metering
    Vacuum Metering
NDF liquid fertilizer tube
    NDF Liquid Tube - Optional
NDF gas tube
    NDF Gas Tube - Optional
NDF Tooth Wheel
    NDF Gauge Wheel mud scraper - Optional
NDF press closer disc mud scraper
    NDF Press Closer Disc mud scraper - Optional
NDF Tooth Wheel
    NDF ADF - Automatic Downforce - Optional

Past and present row unit comparison table

Feature Parrallelogram
Unit Weight 210kg 170kg 185kg 185kg
Row Spacing Narrowfold (Single Bar) N/A 400mm 375mm 375mm
Row Spacing on SA Frame (Double Bar) N/A 250mm 250mm 250mm
Depth Adjustment time (mins/unit) 5 mins 3 mins 30 secs 45 secs
Coulter Disc Change time (in mins/unit 20 mins 20 mins 3 mins 4 mins
NO Daily Greasing
Heavy Duty Depth Adjuster
High Clearance Seed Boot
Automatic Downforce Kit
Ease of servicability (5 stars best)
NDF Tooth Wheel
    1a. NDF Press Closer positively closing furrow (see results below)
NDF Tooth Wheel
    1b. Pressed soil profile over seed (insulating tilth removed for clarity)
NDF Tooth Wheel
    2a. NDF Tooth Wheel leaving surface level

NDF Tooth Wheel
    2b. Insulating tilth over pressed soil
NDF Tooth Wheel
    3a. NDF Tooth Wheel set up for moisture seeking
NDF Tooth Wheel
    3b. Using NDF Tooth Wheel to remove soil when moisture seeking
NDF Double Chute Kit
    4a. Double Chute Fertilizing (see result below)

NDF vacuum metering
    4b. Seed and fertilizer with vertical separation
NDF Double Chute Kit
    NDF SA650 on the right, with a parrallelogram tine machine. After 12 days tine row is still emerging (left)
NDF vacuum metering
    NDF SA650 on the right showing superior crop establishment achieved with the NDF at 125mm deep vs tine