NDF 9-15m Frame
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The NDF 9-15m Frame is a heavy duty double bar configuration
designed specifically for the SA disc openers.

The NDF 9-15m Frame is fitted with a rotating gang mount so the units rotate away from
the ground when raising the machine. The rotate to lift design means the unit raise and
lower time is much quicker, 3 seconds for a full lift cycle and 3 seconds for lowering,
this is much faster than more traditional designs that use lift wheels to lift the
entire machine frame to disengage the soil.

This frame has floating wings and optional NDF Contour Special is available to handle
contour banks with the wing wheels running "track on track" (12M machines and under)
therefore only creating one wheel track pass to pass.


WORKING WIDTH - 9m to 15m metres

TRANSPORT WIDTH - 5.95 metres


MAX TOWING SPEED TRANSPORT - 50 km/h (on road)

OPERATING SPEED - 10-16 km/h (depending on terrain)

ROW SPACING - 250mm, 300mm, 333mm, 375mm, 400mm and 500mm

HYDRAULIC SIDE SHIFT - optional extra, on front gang or both gangs

WHEEL TRACK CENTRE - 3 metres optional 4m

WHEEL TRACK WINGS - 9 to 12m metres max depending on machine width

WEIGHT - 15.6 tonnes at 333mm row spacing (36 units 12 metre machine)

TRACTOR HP - 208 to 360 hp (36 units)

PAINT FINISH - powder coated

CONTOUR SPECIAL - Wings flex up to 1.2m and twist to follow contour banks closely