Air Bags




Pneumatic down force have less wearing parts and provides a more consistent down force than do spring type down force systems.
As the row unit or press wheel moves up and down, the air bags recover quicker than springs, causing the air bag to be a better dampener to the row unit and press wheel.

In tough conditions this ability of the pneumatic down force system will result in longer lasting machine components and more even contour following of the ground.

The air bags are connected in parallel causing the down force to be constant during operation right across the machine, this also means that down pressure can be adjusted on all rows at once from one location.

A hydraulic air compressor mounted on the machine with Donalson air cleaner automatically pressurises the system to keep the air bags at the required pressure. On machines that have two systems, i.e. the pneumatic down force on the disc and also on the press wheel, there is a control panel mounted into the air supply unit comprising of with two regulators and pressure gauges to provide a reading as to how much pressure is in the air bags and thus how much down force the systems are providing.

Firestone air bag NDF for disc down force.

Heavy duty hydraulic air compressor.